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I'd like to briefly summarize my experience of using expensive promotion tool called Unique Article Wizard. I was sincerely hoping to get certain amount of quality backlinks for a short period of time and spunned about 5 articles. Service costs $67 per month! keep it in mind. You want to know how many backlinks i got back ?  Report said artice was submitted to 253 blogs/email recipients. And i got around 14 backlinks. Really. Fourteen. for $67 . Quite expensive. So my review is negative, totally negative.

Don't tell me i have to write more articles , etc. main reason is the resources they use - they send articles to emails, some splogs (autopilot driven blogs) which are rarely indexed by serch engines and that why so bad result. So if you want to have a good quality backlinks try to find something else. UAW worth nothing and if my opinion will save you this money i will be more than happy. Just stay away from this genius marketers who does nothing except earning money from you. Ah i forgot to tell that i was using it in February so its 3 months behind and still 14 backlinks 🙁 UAW is NO GO!