Sometimes you really need a strong password and if you do not have enough of monkey skills to type something like a AhJjk%6Kl!5fSghM.t6Zz0

you can go to (yes wordpress signup page) they have brilliant  button Generate strong password. Click on it untill you see somehting great for your needs. Quite simply. However typing password in upper paragrapth took me a bit less time 🙂



recently found a problems that i have used some automatic content spinning systems to fill my blogs with someone else links, that's coll until panda came. now i'm getting lots of  emails from people asking to remove unnatural links (cool - why unnatural , google ?)

finally open your themes functions.php and add the following to make this task automated:

// Filter the_content

add_filter('the_content', 'rbl_remove_just_links');

// Le function

function rbl_remove_just_links($content)


// Search & remove link markup for all links

return preg_replace('!<a[^>]+href=[\'"]https{0,1}:[^>]+>(.+?)</a>!ism', '<em>$1</em>', $content);


I'd like to briefly summarize my experience of using expensive promotion tool called Unique Article Wizard. I was sincerely hoping to get certain amount of quality backlinks for a short period of time and spunned about 5 articles. Service costs $67 per month! keep it in mind. You want to know how many backlinks i got back ?  Report said artice was submitted to 253 blogs/email recipients. And i got around 14 backlinks. Really. Fourteen. for $67 . Quite expensive. So my review is negative, totally negative.

Don't tell me i have to write more articles , etc. main reason is the resources they use - they send articles to emails, some splogs (autopilot driven blogs) which are rarely indexed by serch engines and that why so bad result. So if you want to have a good quality backlinks try to find something else. UAW worth nothing and if my opinion will save you this money i will be more than happy. Just stay away from this genius marketers who does nothing except earning money from you. Ah i forgot to tell that i was using it in February so its 3 months behind and still 14 backlinks 🙁 UAW is NO GO!

I just created special tiny plugin that adds support of SSL to some pages -- it means that you can configure which pages you want to be SSL protected and they will become them (all internal links, etc) - bascially there is no worrying about anything - all is done automatically. It a very handy solutions for ecommerce blogs. Plugin is hand made now but if there are demand i can release it to public domain - just let me know the need.